I shouldn’t be listening to “Green Day” on our drive to daycare!

Yesterday I rushed to the freeway like I do every day. We are always running late!!! The first part of the drive is always nice since we drive past the beach. I am always temped to park along the road and lay a towel out in the sand, but I don’t. While I drive we always listen to music to pass the time. I recently purchased a nice 3 disc CD of Disney music that we have been enjoying. Somehow it ended up in the kids’ room. I know that I have a collection of music that is not appropriate for the kids that I avoid playing unless I am alone– but yesterday I decided to try playing one of the safer choices- “Green Day’s” Dookie CD.

I thought to myself Matteo is only 4 years old so he won’t notice anything inappropriate (curse words). We were all the way to song #4, Longview, when a few adult words were sang by lead singer Billie Joe. I thought I was in the clear until I heard a little voice in the back saying, “Why is he saying f*ck mommy? That’s a bad word.” Damn, I was caught! I quickly replied “Sometimes when people sing they use those type of words, but I don’t ever want to hear you saying it.” The CD was immediately turned off and the radio was turned on.

I should have known that 4 year olds know all the curse words too. He does have an older sister; I would have never played it with my 7 year old in the car. I have said this before, but I never thought I would be a rebel- listening to inappropriate music for kids- but I am. I have to save those CDs for when I am alone at night.

I have made many changes since becoming a parent such as changing my driving vocabulary. I now say “animal” instead of “idiot” when I drive with the kids and comment about all the bad drivers on the streets of Los Angeles. Max has chosen to curse in Italian. It worked quite well until this summer when Malina befriended an Italian girl who translated his choice words to English. That made me laugh!

So for now I will enjoy my ‘alone’ time (let’s see that’s up to 20 minutes a day) to listen to my more mature music and continue to blast it a bit on the loud side from time to time.

If it were up to me I would be listening to Green Day a bit more than Disney, but I am a responsible parent! 🙂

(day 278)


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