State by State: Where Have I Visited?

I love to travel. I have traveled in the United States and out of country as well. I have not seen all 50 states yet, but hope to one day. Having lived in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area (El Cerrito) and Western New York (Buffalo) I have had the opportunity to see many nearby states. Working as a tour guide based out of the United States I have seen even more states. Below is a recap of what I have seen thus far in my “young” life. There are so many wonderful places to visit in America and I look forward to seeing as much as I can, and revisiting favorite spots too!!

Alabama- On family trips driving to Louisiana I have crossed Alabama many times. I have never had an overnight here.

Arizona- While in college I took a spring break trip to Tempe. It is a nice town where Arizona State University (ASU) is located. More importantly I did a weekend trip once to visit the Grand Canyon—all I can say is AMAZING.

Arkansas- I drove across this state on my cross country trip from Indianapolis to Northern California when my parents gave me their old car.


California- I moved to Los Angeles to go to college many, many years ago. My favorite things about this state are having the beach nearby, having so many great cities to visit and the fact that there are so many options of things to do.

Connecticut- I visited Hartford once for a weekend party during my time as a Jesuit Volunteer in Western New York.

Florida- Working as a tour guide I had a tour that ended in Jacksonville. I had a business trip years later to Miami Beach and it was a great city with wonderful beaches. Miami rocks!

Georgia- I had a tour that started in Atlanta during my tour guiding years. I knew Hartsfield Airport very well! I really enjoyed my time in Savannah as well- the little squares around that town are so quaint and relaxing.

Hawaii- If I did not live in California I would want to live in Hawaii. Actually I would rather live in Hawaii over California at this point of my life! I was married here and love to vacation here.. can’t wait to get back.

Illinois- I have always enjoyed visiting Chicago. Two of my favorite trips included going up to see a friend who was babysitting her cousins in the suburbs of Chicago & going to see my brother when he had an apartment near Wrigley Field.

Indy 500 Museum

Indiana- This is my state of birth. I have extensively traveled Indiana over the years and always look forward to returning home.

Kentucky- This is a neighboring state to Indiana that I visited as a youth frequently as I have cousins that live in Louisville. I saw my first concert as a preteen in Kentucky- “Kool and the Gang”.

Saint Louis Cathedral

Louisiana- My mom was born in Louisiana and I have taken many road trips here with my family since being a small child. My parents also retired here so I visit at least once every two years. I enjoy visiting the tourist spots of New Orleans, but hope to do something new on my next trip here over Christmas. I will have to look around for somewhere to drag my kids other than the French Quarters (during the day).

Maine- I have visited here twice- once during my volunteer work period in Western New York and once on a training tour of New England. I like the accents and I like the lobster here!

Maryland- I visited Baltimore once for a weekend party during my time as a volunteer in Western New York.

Massachusetts- I really enjoy visiting Boston! What a fun city. I have quite a few friends who were born in Massachusetts. I almost had a nervous breakdown driving through the “Big Dig” years ago. Frustrated with the streets I pulled off the road to cry. Someone actually pulled their car up next to me and drove in front of me to show me the way to the Mass Pike (highway)! What friendly people. Can’t wait to return when the kids are old enough to know what “The Freedom Trail” is all about.

Michigan- We crossed this state on our way to Canada on a family road trip where my brothers played soccer against Canadian soccer teams. I really need to visit here again now that I am older.

Mississippi- I loved learning how to spell this state as a child with the “M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i Song”. I still remember the tune. No overnight stays here, just driving through to reach Louisiana.

Missouri- As a kid we took family trips here to visit the large amusement park in St. Louis.

Nebraska- I crossed Nebraska on my road trip across America from Indianapolis to Northern California.

Nevada- I am not much of gambler, but have visited Las Vegas many times, although it has been at least 8 or 9 years since my last visit. Those casinos are amazing!!! I also have cousins who live in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

New Hampshire- I was lucky enough to visit here during my training tour of New England. I remember it being very green and seeing the “Old Man in the Mountain” (cliff ledges in a mountain that resembled an old man) who I recently learned collapsed!

New Jersey- I have only been in New Jersey for minutes! While visiting a friend in Pennsylvania we walked across a bridge in the town of New Hope (Pennsylvania) and when we were on the other side we were in New Jersey. Yes, that counts as visiting the state (although I do not count airport layovers as visiting a state).

New Mexico- I drove across and stayed overnight in New Mexico on my road trip across America from Indianapolis to Northern California.

New York- I have really enjoyed my visits to New York City. I can get around this fabulous city, but am still somewhat clumsy with the subways. I love how ‘real’ the people are and all the interesting neighborhoods. I almost moved here when I was 22, after college, but somehow I ended up back in California and after that point it was never an option again. At this point in my life I would only visit here on vacation (I do not like cold weather). I also spent a year living in Western New York- Buffalo- as a Jesuit Volunteer.

North Carolina- I visited here in very unfortunate circumstances. My brother’s wife passed away from cancer way to young. Max and I attended the funeral. I have not had a chance to return.

Ohio- We took many road trips two hours away to Cincinnati, Ohio, where the King’s Island amusement park was located. I loved visiting this place as a child.

Oklahoma- I crossed and stayed overnight in Oklahoma on my road trip across America from Indianapolis to Northern California.

Oregon- I first visited a friend in Portland doing service work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps that I later volunteered with as well. Tour guiding the West Coast I went through Oregon on my way to California from Washington. I love that people bike everywhere here and all the microbreweries!!! Multnomah Falls and Timberline Lodge are spectacular places to visit too.

Pennsylvania- A friend that I met on the European Tour I took after college lives outside of Philadelphia. I spent a few days with her visiting the area. She took me everywhere: Liberty Bell, Pat’s King of (Cheese) Steaks, the famous stairs from the “Rocky” movies… it was a great trip.

Rhode Island- I did training in Rhode Island once for a week. We visited Brown University and Johnson & Wales University.

South Carolina- The only tour I ran in the South went through South Carolina. We stayed in Charleston which is very southern. Carriage rides, Southern belles, and “shrimp and grits” rule this area.

Tennessee- I have been through Tennessee many times driving to Louisiana and on my cross country trip from Indianapolis to Northern California. That last trip visiting a friend who lives outside of Nashville was probably the best trip. In addition to seeing her town we stayed outside of Memphis and experienced Beale Street.

Texas- What a gigantic state. I have driven through here, the panhandle, and visited San Antonio for a conference. I would like see Austin one day- perhaps for South by Southwest (music festival).

Utah- After visiting the Grand Canyon I saw Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park located in Utah. I highly recommend checking them out at some point in your life.

Vermont- When I hear Vermont I think of Ben & Jerry’s! Their factory is in Waterbury and well worth the visit. I spent my time in this state training on fall foliage in New England during my tour guiding days.

Virginia- From Washington DC I visited a friend in Fairfax. It was a brief visit- but I have been in this state.

Washington- Next to California my favorite state on the West coast is Washington. The mountains are amazing, the San Juan Islands are a favorite spot as is Seattle. Lake Quinault is a place I cannot wait to return to with my family. Tour guiding here I was so spoiled and never quite realized how much so until I finished that career. I hope to drive up the coast here once again one day!

West Virginia- I visited here as a kid. My dad was born here.

Grand total: I have been to 38 of the 50 states in the United States. Not bad at all. The states I would like to see most now are: Montana, Idaho and Alaska. It will happen, I know patience- now that I have this list I can really see where I have missed. How many states of the U.S.A. have you seen?

(day 277)


3 thoughts on “State by State: Where Have I Visited?

  1. Wow Tieshka! I would love to go to so many of those States! I’ve been to a few but so want to go to Alaska and also explore New England properly (in the fall of course!). My ultimate dream is to do a road trip across the entire USA in a massive RV 🙂

    • Hi Sherri, a RV road trip sounds wonderful! My husband has been wanting to rent one to do some type of family vacation… we’ll see when can fit that into our schedules! I was pretty surprised when I finished writing this to see how many states I have already seen… makes it much easier to believe that I can see them all eventually since I’m already more than half way done. 🙂

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