Volleyball, No time to think, and time for a new day


Note to self- written last night:

Work is super busy. Commuting to work is busy. Daycare is good. Driving home in traffic is not fun. New school for Malina is okay. I am way behind on my homework- checking 5 minutes before I head out of the door for a new work day is not a good idea. Dinner was ready (thanks Max) today before we headed out for our newest adventure– volleyball for Malina! Team sports; those are great! They build character and a sense of community, right? Max was excited to start her in a new sport. She did great. Lots of energy and spunk! She is so short that the bottom of the net is taller than her. Somehow she got the ball over the net. I was proud and she had fun. Matteo was like a torpedo all over the place while she was at practice. It was hard to keep him still. Driving home in the dark- is summer ending? Back to the homework, I still haven’t had time to figure out how it all works at the new school- but a note came home today that Malina didn’t alphabetize her spelling words and would be put in detention if 2 more notices come home. What? I wrote a nice (was it nice?) note back to Malina’s teacher in the comments section before signing. Time to figure out the homework- noticed she needed to write 8 sentences by chance.. I’m glad that I saw the homework tonight instead of in the morning- we would have never finished this assignment! I watched a little “Big Brother” (reality television) with Matteo while Malina worked on her homework. We ate fresh fruit for dessert with whip cream.. yummy! Brushed the kids’ teeth, flossed and put them to bed. I am writing a quick post now (90 more days to go) before I open a beer and relax for a bit before going to bed. I don’t think I have any time to think really, the day is already over.. and it’s time for a new day. Hopefully tomorrow will be slower!! Thank goodness I decided not to over plan my weekends for a while like I did all summer. I need a vacation.


(day 276)


7 thoughts on “Volleyball, No time to think, and time for a new day

  1. You are doing GREAT Tiki! Keep up the good work 😉 And yes, you do deserve a vacation! Wow- volleyball! That is so cool….. I had no idea little kids could play that sport. I’m just familiar with the usual (soccer, baseball, etc.). Is the team through the local parks/rec program? I’d like to look into that out my way. Talk to you soon, Steph

    • Steph, thanks!! I wish it were possible to vacation every month. I guess I’ll have to settle with trying to slow down weekends. There is a beach league in the South Bay that we joined. You can start at 7 years old and one of the coaches said she started volleyball at age 7. For some reason we are always doing the ‘alternative sports’.. LOL. With Matteo we need to start him on all American sports soon! Hope all is well with you guys!

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