Goodbye for now San Diego

Corvette Diner

I can’t believe that we were in San Diego only last weekend and our visit was less than 30 hours. We did so much with so little time. I have a few more Sea World photos to share- that was two fun days for at least a third of our time away.


In addition to going to Sea World we met up with my friend Jen and her family for dinner celebrating Malina’s birthday. We met a restaurant called “Corvette Diner” in an area of town called Point Loma. It was a great spot because they had an arcade and the restaurant was an authentic 50’s style diner that has a lot of personality. Other than seeing my friend, who I have known since college, the other highlight was when the staff came out to wish Malina a happy birthday. They sang to tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and Malina was so excited to be the center of attention.

The quick weekend getaway was so much fun. Hopefully we have a chance to return to San Diego for Thanksgiving?? I am already looking forward to that next getaway from Los Angeles. Perhaps we will not make it to San Diego, still to be determined, but the kids and I already have plane tickets to visit my parents for Christmas in New Orleans. For now I know we enjoyed our time away and it is goodbye to San Diego for now.

Max & the kids

family photo 2

the kids & I- Shamu sign

Family pictures around Sea World

The “Blue Horizon” Show

The Skytower and view from above on it

cookie monster

Sesame Street’s Bay of Play

the excited crowd

The crowd about to enjoy one of the shows

the orca

A beautiful orca can never be photographed enough (“One Ocean” Show)

(day 273)


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