Sea World Has it All: Other Attractions We Saw

Yesterday I posted on some of Sea World’s wonderful show’s that we saw. I also wrote about riding the fun roller coaster “Journey to Atlantis” and visiting “Sesame Street’s Bay of Play”. That would seem like enough attractions to keep a family busy, but there is more! Much more!! We did not do it all: after all if that were the case what would we do next time we visit? The kids are sold on returning next year and we don’t mind avoiding all the people at Disneyland in return for a fun park with the beautiful animals of the sea. Here are a few other things we did to keep ourselves busy at Sea World.

We visited “Dolphin Cove” after one of the shows; it was conveniently located next door. We found a spot near the front and looked at the dolphins. The guy standing next to me mentioned that a presentation would begin in 15 minutes and we were in the perfect spot to see all the action. Soon trainers came by to load up the feeding stations with fish. We listened to the presentation and saw the dolphins up close.

Max wanted to see the artic animals and there are two exhibits next to each other for this. On our second day we made our way to: “Wild Artic” and “Penguin Encounter” . We opted for the walk through only version of the “Wild Artic”, but there is also a flight simulator ride you can go on. In addition to seeing the beautiful polar bear we saw people participating in the “Beluga Interaction Program” where you learn about the whales first hand and feed them.

As if we did not experience enough on our visits to Sea World we also walked through “Shark Encounter” and took a peaceful ride on the “Skytower”. If you are looking for a family vacation in Southern California I highly recommend going to Sea World. You will not be disappointed. My family had a blast celebrating my daughter Malina’s 7th birthday here.

dolphin- up close

Malina / dolphin cove

dolphin cove

dolphin cove 2

dolphin cove 3

Dolphin Cove- I loved being so close to the dolphins!

wild artic- polar bear

wild artic- polar bear 2

“Wild Artic” Exhibition- We were extremely lucky to have the polar bear up and super active when we visited here.

Beluga Interaction Program

“Wild Artic” Exhibition- “Beluga Interaction Program” – It was amazing to watch tourists interact with the whales!

my little penguins

Penguin Encounter- outside

Penguin Encounter- outside 2

Penguin Encounter

“Penguin Encounter” Exhibit

(day 272)


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