Braving the “Soak Zone” and riding a roller coaster: Sea World

atlantis roller coaster

The Sea World visits for Malina’s birthday was so much fun for the whole family. The park had changed quite a bit since Max and I had last visited more than 8 years ago. It is actually more kid friendly than before with attractions like: the play area “Sesame Street’s Bay of Play” and the show “Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation”. The kids’ could not get enough of the play area, Max could not get enough of the exhibits and I could not get enough of the shows.

Having a two day pass allowed us to visit the park two days straight and not overdo it! In addition to watching the Madagascar show we watched “Blue Horizons” show in the Dolphin Stadium and “One Ocean” show in the Shamu Stadium.

We watched “One Ocean” on both days during our visit to the park. Day one we watched from the top of the stadium and day two Malina and I wore our swimsuits and watched the show from the soak zone. During the show Shamu the killer whale (orca) and his friends splash the audience on the lower levels. Malina really wanted to do this so I granted her wish to do it. We were in the first group to be soaked during the show. We also were the last group to be soaked. The tail of these whales is enormous and moves a lot of water! Shamu pushed so much water on us that my contact moved in my eye. My clothes were wet as was my hair. Malina jumped up and down with joy at the experience. It was well worth it!

On our visit to Sea World I also went on the “Journey to Atlantis” roller coaster. No one else in the family was brave enough to do it- so I went alone. I had not been on a roller coaster in about 8 years so it was very energizing. As a kid I loved going on them so it was fun to return to them after the break of having and beginning to raise the kids. On the photo they take while you go down the hill I was smiling. I think riding the roller coaster added years to my life. As I become older I am starting to return to some of the things I love to do and it makes me very happy.

Weekend Sea World was a great celebration to celebrate Malina’s birthday. Here are some photos from our journey!! Tomorrow I’ll post photos from the exhibits we saw.

soak zone seating

splash warning

ready to be splashed!

whales about to splash

splash time!

dryers- for after the show

The Soak Zone

one ocean stadium

one ocean

one ocean 2

one ocean 3

one ocean 4

one ocean 5

one ocean 6

“One Ocean” Show

Blue Horizons

blue horizons - dolphin

blue horizons 3

blue horizons 4

blue horizons 5

“Blue Horizons” Show

bay of play

bay of play 2

character show

Sesame Street’s Bay of Play Area

(day 271)


2 thoughts on “Braving the “Soak Zone” and riding a roller coaster: Sea World

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by!! Sea World is a great spot to visit (with and without the kids). The Soak Zone is no joke & I feel for the people who sit here not knowing how wet you will get… hence the stand up dryers to help you out.

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