Definitely Obsessed with California Missions (Mission San Luis Rey de Francia)

posing with the mission sign

Since I began blogging last December I have dedicated 6 posts to the topic of the California missions. The first post was an overview of Father Junipero Serra and his master plan of building churches (missions) across the state of California. It was then that I realized that I had seen quite a few of the 21 in my state without even trying.

From there things have slowly became out of hand – I admit it now – it is a full on obsession to see them all as soon as possible. The missions are located from the southern part of the state- San Diego to the northern part of the state- Sonoma. Of these missions I had 5 left to visit until this past Sunday.

Memorable mission moments of the year include:

Driving at least an hour out of the way home to see La Purisima Concepción Mission after I had already seen two other missions on my girls’ weekend trip. I thought this mission was beautiful in its’ natural state. To make the situation even crazier I had to overdo it and visit another mission after this one on my way back home to Los Angeles!

Having a misunderstanding with an employee in the gift shop at Mission Santa Ynez. We both spoke English, but on that day I could have been trying to speak another language for as much help that Donna was able to offer me.

Taking my family to see Mission San Rafael in the county of Marin north of San Francisco. I felt guilty adding at least 1.5 hours driving in the opposite direction of home. Without the detour the drive home was 7 hours on Highway 101.

Visiting Mission San Luis Del Rey de Francia this past weekend – it was only 40 minutes round trip out of the way- and besides taking in the beauty of the mission I was so excited that I was seeing my 17th mission to date! Yeah!!!


Mission San Luis Rey is located in the town of Oceanside (well known for its Marine Corps military base).

I do not recall ever seeing another mission with its’ dome painted sky blue.. very different, but nice.

This is the fourth mission that I have dragged, I mean taken, my family to this year (2013). Max has been to another two missions with me since we have been together.

California’s oldest pepper tree is located on the grounds.

The mission was founded in 1798 and is the 18th mission built of the 21 missions in the state of California.

Last, but definitely not least here are photos of this beautiful mission in Southern California.

san luis rey de francia

skull and crossbones

inside the mission

inside the mission 2

inside the mission 3

mission grounds

the mission bell

I will not finish my blogging year without driving out to San Gabriel California to see the last mission that I can visit in Southern California. I will see the remaining 3 missions on my quest next year on spring break when I return to Northern California.

(day 269)


2 thoughts on “Definitely Obsessed with California Missions (Mission San Luis Rey de Francia)

    • Sherri, when I want to do something I keep working at it until I reach my goal. Luckily my family has willingly gone along with me on this obsession! They will see the last 4 missions on my list with me.

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