The dinner of all dinners (ending vacation)

st. louis style spareribs

I am back at home now after the break in San Diego. It was a great trip! I will be posting on my experiences for the next few days. To start I have decided to recall the last meal from the trip.

We drove home from San Diego in a bit of traffic. Our first stop was at the mission and our second stop was for gas. We had eaten a big breakfast earlier in the morning and snacked a bit at lunch time. The kids and I were shopping for snacks in the gas station to carry us over until we arrived home when Max suggested we go out for dinner. We drove up and down the street ending up “Famous Dave’s” BBQ. It was a new restaurant for us and we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was.

Max and I shared a big slab of St. Louis-Style Spareribs (13 total), a side of steamed broccoli, and baked beans. To top it off we had a side of Texas-Style Beef Brisket. Malina and Matteo ate kid’s meals that they both enjoyed. I was shocked to be given so much meat when our meal arrived. The plate was gigantic. We somehow finished 6 ribs each and Matteo ate the last one. Wow!

bbque sauce assortment

I particularly liked the barbeque sauces at the end of the table- I had to try them all and picked the “Rich & Sassy” as my favorite. The corn bread muffins arrived fresh and hot next; they were a little late, but so good that the kids and I had to finish them!

The meal was excellent. It was actually some of the best barbeque that I have eaten since living on the West Coast. This dinner was a great way for us to finish our weekend getaway/ birthday celebration for Malina in San Diego.

Malina eating dinner

(day 267)


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