Happy Birthday to my daughter Malina Donatella!

I have been a parent for 7 years as of today celebrating my only daughter Malina’s birthday. Wow! I still remember her first day in this world and taking her home from the hospital. I remember having an infant at home doing my best to keep her healthy and happy. Slowly the years began to pass: leaving the house for daycare, preschool, kindergarten and now elementary school. My daughter is amazing. Her smile lights up any room and she has personality beyond belief. I soo look forward to watching her grow, and learn and only hope I can help her along the way and be around until she’s old like me one day.

I thought it would be fun to track down photos of each of her birthdays showing how she has grown from an infant to a confident seven year old girl.

year 1: Malina

Year 1: Party at the park

year 2

Year 2: We were abroad in Italy and France that year. Here we all are at the Basilique du Sacre Coeur in Paris.

year 3

Year 3: Home celebration. She also had a party at the park that year with friends.

year 4

Year 4: Our annual home celebration.

year 5

Year 5: Another year of double celebrating – here is the photo from home, and we did a party at ‘Build A Bear Workshop’ that year as well.

year 6

Year 6: I took the kids to Knott’s Berry Farm for Malina’s 6th birthday. We also celebrated at home with Max.

It is so much fun to look back at her past birthdays. This year we will be celebrating in San Diego visiting Sea World. Photos of the adventure to come later in the week.

(day 265)


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my daughter Malina Donatella!

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl! May you have a wonderful day celebrating! SEVEN already…..wow!!! xoxox, The Janisse Family 🙂

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