Enjoying the end of summer

thursday beach time

Is it really the end of summer already? Although the months of June, July and August have passed we have spent most of this time under fog living so close to the beach. Max actually counted how many days of morning sun we saw all summer and I believe it was less than 10 total! Luckily working on the other side of town I saw many sunny mornings inland.

Recently we began to wake up to the sun on our faces in the morning. I have been driving past the beach to work not wanting to continue on, but doing it anyways. This past Thursday and Friday we have been able to enjoy the beach. Thursday we spent 2 hours at the beach after work and school. The kids are now swimming in a pool and are more confident in the ocean too. The ocean water in the South Bay of Los Angeles is cleaner than the Westside where we previously lived, and now we enjoy playing in the waves.

This was me the past two days: out came the sand toys and the radio. Out came the beach towels and football. Out came the beach ball and the beach chair- don’t forget the umbrella. Luckily we can park by the beach and walk a very short distance to the sand; otherwise I am not sure how we could move everything!

Yesterday was the best beach day ever! We spent over 5 hours at the beach. In the morning after dropping off Malina at school Matteo and I spent the morning at an almost empty beach. He practiced boogie boarding and jumping in the waves. I am amazed that he is not scared of the waves because they are as tall as he is! We must have spent an hour and a half in the water. Max eventually made his way to the beach too and we enjoyed some family time in the sun. After lunch we returned to the beach with his sister for more fun.

Among my tasks for the day I will attempt to clean the house and take the kids to the movies. All that beach time has made me exhausted– being in the sun so long is draining, and helping to clean all the sand off of the kids is quite a task. Tomorrow we are off to San Diego. Perhaps we will make it to the beach there as well- they have even nicer beaches than we do in Los Angeles. To say the least we are enjoying the end of summer.

Matteo running

Mermaid Malina

(day 264)


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