It is a case of the “itchies”


Over the last week I have received communication from two sources at the kids’ schools about things going around. One communication was about “Hand Foot and Mouth Disease” and the other was about “Head Lice”. Whenever I receive these emails I freak out. Prior to last year I had never had exposure to either item. Then one day it all changed.

I received a call from Matteo’s school notifying me that he had head lice. In all my years I had never seen lice. That all changed quickly. Those things are pesky. They are not transmitted from bad hygiene but bad luck! They are not a carrier of disease and an amazing 6-12 million American children contract them each year. I don’t know where he caught them, but once you have them they like to settle down.

Originally I tried to get rid of them myself, that was not a good decision. I spent an hour online researching and ended up buying olive oil, Palmolive, vinegar, shower caps, and tons of different shampoos including: coconut based ones, tea tree oil based ones, and a dandruff based one- Denorex. To make a long story short none of them worked for me. To get rid of lice you basically have to comb them out with a special comb and not miss any. I tried that too; but I missed too many!! I still remember sitting in the bathroom for a good two hours with the radio, a beer, and a nit comb.

After two days of no success I searched the website Yelp (that offers reviews on services, places and things) and discovered that people remove lice from hair as a profession. You can either go to a salon or pay a specialist to come to your home. I went for option two and that evening after work someone arrived. She sat down with all natural ingredients and took them out of his hair. I paid her to come back for a re-check a few days later as well and he was confirmed “lice free”. Thank goodness.

From that day forth I have used a homemade remedy on the kids that was recommended of tea tree oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil (all essential oils). I mix them with water and use on the kids’ hair as a repellent to those pesky insects. I hope I never see them again and encourage the kids not to share hats, brushes, barrettes and other items that touch the hair with their friends. I hope you have never had to experience lice first hand, but if you do – don’t freak out– they will go away one way or another.

(day 263)


4 thoughts on “It is a case of the “itchies”

  1. Lice are pesky! Then you have to make sure they’re gone/killed from all fabric and clothes. I had lice in elementary school. The school nurse visited classrooms and inspected everyone’s head for lice. Then if you had it, she called you into her office. It was an embarrassing situation. Hope your kids are lice free from now on.

    • Thanks for commenting on this post Mia. Lice are not a fun thing to experience first hand. I have been told that cases of lice have increased in Southern California by the nitpicker who helped us. I hope we don’t run into this insect too many times again!!

  2. Avery’s school had a notice about lice too and we’ve been checking his head as well. If anything happens, I want your gal that helped Matteo out.

    • Winnie, I hope you all can avoid this pesk!! Lice are no fun. I have unfortunately had to learn more about them than I ever wanted. If you do ever get them though let me know and I pass along the number to the lady who saved us!!

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