A Day in Photos “Maui Honeymoon”

Twin Falls

Yesterday I had fun glimpsing back to my wedding. Today I will share some photos from our honeymoon. It was very nice to arrive to Maui a few days before our wedding, have the ceremony, and then stay on after everyone left for our honeymoon. I had never been to the island before, but the visit here made me want to move here one day. We talked about it later and wonder what made us go back to Los Angeles to live and eventually have and raise the kids. I hope you enjoy visiting Maui with me with the photos I have chosen. Youth.. love.. life..

Ritz Carlton Grounds

Ritz Carlton Grounds (2)


D.T. Flemings Beach Park

North of Kapalua (D.T. Flemming Beach Park)

Honokohau Bay

Honokohau Bay/Valley

Honokohau Bay Area

Kaanapali Sunset

Kaanapali Sunset 2

A Kaanapali Beach Sunset

Iao Needle

Iao Valley

Little Beach

Makena (Little Beach)

What I wouldn’t do to be able to hop on a plane for Maui now with my family right now!

(day 262)


2 thoughts on “A Day in Photos “Maui Honeymoon”

    • Hi Mary, thank you for the compliment. Something about Maui brings out the best in us…. I really do think we are living in the wrong city. There are always vacations though to visit our favorite places and just relax at the beach.

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