First day of school and my stressful morning

school daze

Dropping Malina off for her first day at the new school went well. Max told me he wanted to go with us; I thought it was a great idea. We took one car over. Malilna’s classroom was nice and we met her teacher. Second graders are soo cute. I was nervous for her and glad that she seemed to be settling into her new school without anxiety. I knew she was excited to go to school yesterday when she was up before me- and I wake up around 5:30 am! Assembly went on for a while and Max had to go. Matteo and I walked home- it must have been a mile. Why didn’t I drive my car too?? On any other day that would not have been an issue, but yesterday we also had a new parent orientation at 9:00am.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and I became slightly overheated and sweaty by the time we made it home. Matteo made the comment that my hand was sweaty- yuck. I made it to the meeting only 2 minutes late after dropping him off at a friend’s place.

Then it was time to drive to work. Driving past the beach I wanted to stop and call it a day- it was so beautiful outside- but we continued on and on and on. I had opted for an exit from the freeway that was closer to daycare and that was a very wrong decision. The exit was closed and that added another 30 minutes to our drive. When we finally exited the freeway there was construction on the streets. Oh my goodness, I so wanted to pull my hair out. And it was hot- I had to turn on the air conditioning. As the band Queen played on the CD player we sang along as we waited for the lanes to merge. It was such an effort to get to daycare and work that I wanted to call it a day and return home, but I didn’t. We continued on and did make it to daycare and work. I was so stressed out then, but the worse was over.

After work I relaxed some swimming laps at my favorite pool before returning home and hearing about the wonderful day Malina had at her new school. Parenthood, wouldn’t change it for anything (even with the stress).

(day 260)


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