Sunday Dinner at our place

sunday dinner

The weekend was coming to an end just last night and I was exhausted. My day started out playing tennis with a friend on the other side of town. After a brief break at home to take a shower and relax for a few minutes we were out again. We spent lunch time at a restaurant and the afternoon at the park.

Then it was time for dinner to be made. For dinner I can cook breakfast and warm up anything in the oven. And oh yes, I cannot forget that I can overcook pasta without adding salt to the water. Seriously, it comes out good that way too.

While I was helping the kids prepare for a new week our personal chef went to the kitchen to do his thing. I offered to brown the ground beef for him but he declined. Watching a little television after helping the kids my nose began to smell something great in the kitchen. Our own Chef Max was pan sautéing some ground beef with olive oil and garlic. After browning the meat he added white wine and eggs and feta cheese. He had picked up some mortadella (Italian bologna) and fresh mozzarella while we were out and laid the whole ensemble down on the table for dinner. The kids ate their meal with ciabatta bread and we had our meat on top of a green salad. I had some red wine in the refrigerator that I took out for the meal and dessert was a fresh fruit salad. Chef Max came to the rescue again.

I laugh when I think back to our early days when he told me not to get used to having him cook for me. It started with his mom cooking for us while she was on vacation visiting us… and after she left he started cooking, and except a few meals during our courting days I haven’t cooked dinner for us in over 10 years!

(day 259)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner at our place

    • Mary, next time you’re our west you guys should stop by & I’ll ask Max to cook! Now if you guys want pancakes for dinner I’ll do the cooking. I hope all is well with you and your family!!!

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