Thoughts on the New York City coder and the homeless man

patrick & leo

Yesterday morning I came across an article about a young New York City software engineer named Patrick McConlogue that made a proposition to a homeless man named Leo on the city streets:

1) $100 to do whatever he chose with it, or

2) free computer coding instruction for two months (along with a laptop and three JavaScript books).

The man opted for the coding instruction.

You can read more details of the story on the platform Medium or follow their progress on Facebook. I will definitely be tuning in.

I applaud Patrick McConlogue. Why? Not because he is solving the issue of homelessness which is a major problem in the United States, but because he has taken on the challenge to help one individual with his struggle. Instead of ignoring Leo as he sat on the streets of New York City each day Patrick chose to approach him with a proposition. Patrick is receiving social media backlash beyond belief for his efforts. He also is receiving some praise. I look forward to reading about their journey and hope to learn a thing or two myself. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the New York City coder and the homeless man

  1. Dear Tieshka, I say how wonderful that Patrick did what he did. My dad has been homeless at various times in his life (he is an alcoholic) and we just don’t know or can judge what brought that homeless person to that point. We should all be saying: “There by the grace of God go I…”
    Thanks so much for sharing this intriguing story, but I can’t understand why Patrick is getting so much backlash. Sometimes I just don’t understand this world and how harsh, unforgiving and full of hatred we have become.

    • Dear Sherri, I think people are being so unkind to him because they think he is trying to do something to make himself look good and his title of ‘unjustly homeless’ for his post has rubbed some people the wrong way…. I personally think because he is trying to make a change in one person’s life for the better it is a good thing.

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