Enjoying the simpler things in life

Yesterday Matteo went to the dentist for his semi-annual checkup. His appointment was at 8:30am and that meant that we did not have to rush to camp, school and work. Yes!!! I think we were on the road only 10 minutes later than normal, but I was not rushing around like I do every Monday – Friday.

the crane

ocean view from the street

When we were stuck in construction on the road that leads from the beach to the city I took a moment to enjoy the view a little longer than a few seconds. I even snapped these quick photos with the camera on my phone.

beach time football

view facing south

view facing north

view facing south 2

mom & son

my little love

After dropping off Malina we headed towards the dentist in Santa Monica. Since we were 25 minutes early I had to go the beach which was only 7 blocks away from the office. The sun had been hiding for the last month or so – it made its’ debut three days ago and everyone is happy for the blue sky’s return to the beach once again. We played a little football, took a brief walk, and headed to the dentist.

dentist time

It was a good checkup and after our visit it was hard to go to work because of the excellent weather. Luckily we will have many more days of sun and time to spend at the beach in the next few months.

(day 256)


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