Traffic in Los Angeles

I have wanted to share a few of my thoughts about traffic in Los Angeles for a while now and today I have a moment to do just that. First I have to tell you that traffic in Los Angeles sucks. Okay, now that I have gotten that out of the way I will analyze the situation a bit more.

Back in the 1920’s there were “red cars” (electric streetcars) in Los Angeles that made going around the city by public transportation great. Unfortunately automobiles came around and people preferred taking their own means of transportation and the tracks were taken out one by one. The automobile rules this town, and even scarier hardly anyone carpools. I once knew someone who had a mannequin in his car so he could use the carpool lane driving to Los Angeles from San Diego; trust me it is that bad here. Luckily I have the kids with me and can take the somewhat faster carpool lane when I want.

As time passed from the 1920’s to the 1940’s our first freeways were built and these freeways have never had enough lanes for all of the cars on the road it seems. One of the major problems now is that instead of building some type of subway to make commuting from the valley to the Westside of town easier the city has decided to widen the freeways. The construction has made travelling on the freeway even more unbearable.

I have to say in the cities defense that they have been working on building a new subway, called the “purple line”, on the Westside of Los Angeles. This project is set to finish in 2035. This subway will end in the town of Westwood. There is another subway that will end at the beach in Santa Monica. Perhaps when all of this is done traffic will be better, but what about the next 20+ years?

For many years I avoided driving on the freeway being lucky enough to drive on surface streets and live close to work. Unfortunately with our recent move I now must drive on the freeway and be subject to experiencing Los Angeles traffic. It is not a good feeling, but luckily I drive on the freeway early in the morning when there are a few less people, and in the afternoon I take the freeway for only three exits. I know people who drive much further on the freeway and I feel for them.

For now I am an aggressive Los Angeles driver crossing 5 lanes to reach the carpool lane each morning to arrive to work. One day I hope to see this city fix the traffic problems, but I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

the freeway

(day 255)


3 thoughts on “Traffic in Los Angeles

  1. Oh yes, that LA traffic, how can I forget! Had a taste of it again in April when I went back with my daughter. That weaving in and out over 5 lanes brought it all back! The sheer volume of traffic is unbelievable! I look back and it seems impossible to me now that I used to drive the freeways there (the grandparents lived in LA) and even before that, when I used to work on Wilshire Blvd I used to drive the streets of LA, in my clunked out Vega! Well, that was 1980! I often wondered why they never built subways there. At least you can get on and off at relatively quiter times of the day Tieshka and thank goodness you can use the carpool lane 🙂

    • Hi Sherri, I am glad that you have left the freeways behind! I don’t know how, but I actually learned how to drive stick shift (standard) in Los Angeles. Traffic is only becoming worse and worse as the years go by. I hope to be able to avoid the freeway all together sooner than later!

      • I hope you can too! Wow, stick shift, well done! As you know I’m sure, here in the UK just about everybody drives stick shift here. I found it really strange driving an automatic when I first moved to the States, but after 17 years of it, I then found driving stick shift here really strange! I kept forgetting that there are 3 pedals and not just 2…yikes! Have a great weekend Tieshka 🙂

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