The Art of the Tattoo

Over the last 11 years I have learned a thing or two about tattoos. I do not have a tattoo on my body (I do not like needles), but Max (my husband) has quite a few. I love his tattoos. They are art on his body with beautiful colors and interesting designs. All are hidden from plain sight and can only be seen if he wears shorts or a tank top, although in short sleeves you can see that he has one tattoo peeking out.

He was “inked” for the first time at the age of 17 in Bologna (Italy). He wanted to be different and at the time tattoos were different although now they are more mainstream. He has known quite a few tattoo artists personally over the years and the majority of his tattoos have been done by these friends.

He had one tattoo done by a Japanese artist at a tattoo convention in his home town of Bologna. His friend, also a tattoo artist, originally had an appointment with Horiryu and could not make it. Max took the spot and spent 8 hours having his leg turned into Japanese art surrounding a dragon that once stood alone on his leg. The artist started the tattoo with the stick ‘n’ poke method and eventually switched to a needle when he saw how long it would take to complete. Unfortunately the electricity was turned off at 10:00pm that day; he had to return the next day for additional 2 hours of work. Wow!

I asked him how many tattoos he currently has and after taking a moment to count he came up with 17 total – although many are connected to each other. He had 13 completed in Italy (by both local and international artists) and 4 done here in Los Angeles. In the world of tattoo you are supposed to have an odd number of tattoos, which he does indeed have.

For his 34th birthday he went down to the Tattoo Asylum in Venice Beach to have a tribal Hawaiian tattoo done. That was a two day project. I went to visit him for an hour while he was being inked. It was very interesting and cool to see a tattoo being put on him in person. That was the last tattoo he received. I don’t know if he will have another one done or not, but the ones he already has are amazing.

tattoo #17

Day 1 of Max having his last tattoo inked on his arm

(day 253)


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