It is almost time for another weekend getaway

sea world

I love to travel. I will go just about anywhere once. My favorite places to go are Paris, Northern Italy (where Max is from), San Francisco, and Maui (where we were married). Living in California I am really blessed because there are so many great places to travel to within the state and most are less than 7 hours away. This is a very good thing since we are not leaving the state of California this summer.

Malina’s birthday is in two weeks and my little girl will be 7 years old!! The original plan was to spend the day at Disneyland in Anaheim. She opted for that over having a birthday party (excellent decision Malina) ! Later I realized that her birthday is actually over a holiday weekend (Labor Day) – so instead of going to the happiest (and subsequently most expensive) place on earth we are heading south to Sea World in San Diego. Although we go to San Diego once or twice a year the kids have never been to Sea World and the land of Shamu (the orca whale) before. So, yes I am now counting down the days until the weekend getaway to San Diego which is only a few weeks away!

And now that I think about it we will also stop at Mission San Luis Rey (40 miles north of San Diego in Oceanside). I know my family will love visiting another mission with me since it has been 4 months since I have dragged them, I mean taken them, to a mission!

(day 250)


5 thoughts on “It is almost time for another weekend getaway

  1. Great decision to go to Sea World! We took the kids last year and they loved it. It is very big, clean and family friendly….. and not nearly as crowded as Disneyland! Enjoy your visit and happy birthday Malina!!

    • Hi Steph, I’m glad you all had a good trip to Sea World. Max and I used to go before kids, but never made it back since. It should be a fun trip– I’ll be sure to blog about it after! I like LEGOLAND too– for that same reason so many less people than Disneyland.

  2. Love San Diego, Sea World & Legoland. Again, many happy memories of taking my kids there! We visited San Diego just before we returned to the UK in 2003 and we also went to the Zoo and the Safari Park there, both awesome.
    As for the Mission, well, I remember so well when my kids had to do their Mission project for 4th grade (I think?) and having to make not one, or two, but three Missions out of who knows what!! Near Paso Robles, where we lived, is San Miguel Mission, well worth a visit too if you are ever in those parts again 🙂
    Have a wonderful time Tieshka, your kids will love Sea World!

    • Hi Sherri, I am glad I can bring back good memories from your time living in California. I have been hearing about this mission project for awhile now and can’t wait until Malina is in 4th grade and participates! At that point she will have seen 4 or 5 missions herself and will know what they are. (By the way, enjoyed visiting the San Miguel Mission during my Paso Robles girl’s weekend- they were actually having mass so I sat down for a few minutes while taking in the beauty of the chuch). Have a good week.

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