Happy birthday to me

me @ 10 years old

Here I am blowing out the candles on my 10th birthday.. so many years ago

Today is my birthday and I am taking the day to celebrate ME. As a wife and mother I often put myself last, which is fine, but every once in awhile I do put myself first. The general rule is that on my birthday I have made it a point to do whatever I want. After dropping the kids off at camp and school in a little while I will have the whole day to myself.

This is how I will spend the day:

(1) Lunch with Max at the restaurant of my choice

(2) Going to the mall for a “little” shopping

(3) Taking a walk along the beach- or maybe biking at the beach (by the way- for those of you that have read my recent posts the kids figured out how to ride their bikes without the training wheels).

(4) Going for a nice swim in my favorite pool

I’m not committing myself to doing all of these things, but will definitely do two or three of them!

It is so wonderful to be alive & healthy!!

(day 248)


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Hi Tiki! What a beautiful post, HAPPY, HEALTHY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO YOU!!!! I think you are wise beyond your years to honor and acknowledge yourself in this way. I hope that whatever you do today that you have the time of your life, ‘cuz no one is more deserving. Wishing you peace and contentment, your friend, Stace’ [hugs & :0) ]

    • Hi Steph, attitude is everything. Sometimes I have to step back and be more thankful for what I have- being alive is a wonderful thing- experiencing life and our kids lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. I had a great day!! Thanks.

    • Hi Julie, thank you for the birthday greetings!!! The day was great- we have to meet up sometime- perhaps another girls evening with Kari in Manhattan Beach.

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