Organized Chaos at the Uniform Store

inside the uniform store

School is around the corner for Malina. Many schools in the area start today, but we have two more weeks. Preparing for school we first bought a new backpack and matching lunch sack recently. This past weekend we made the trip to the uniform store.

It was a little difficult to locate the uniform store. After 5 minutes of driving around we found it. There were people everywhere in front of the store and no parking. Then we found parking. Walking into the store I was in shock looking around. Even more people were inside and we learned that instead of walking around the store choosing your items you actually had to go to the counter and wait for someone to help you.

After a few minutes of waiting we were helped by customer service representative named Julie. It was a lesson in patience, but we eventually we ended up with everything on the list except for one jacket. At one point during our hour in the store the clothing manager walked by and said “Why are you still here, it’s been quite some time since you arrived? (jokingly)”. My reply was “I am thorough and want to purchase everything on one trip”. I also noticed that there were so many people in the store at another point that they had customers waiting for others to exit the store before more could be let in.

Hundreds of dollars later we left the uniform store and the late morning of organized chaos. Look below at our reward: Malina is set for her first day of 2nd grade at her new school.

in the uniform

(day 246)


2 thoughts on “Organized Chaos at the Uniform Store

  1. Love her new plaid for her new school! What uniform store do you go to? Our store is in Vicki Marsha in Huntington Beach but I’ve never been. They come to the school during the summer and I either buy then, or, I order online and have it shipped. I think I would get too overwhelmed in a store! I hope she has a great first day of school!! xoxo, Steph

    • Thank you Steph. Our new store is Michael’s in Inglewood. I like to go in person to try them on the first time and order online after. We missed when they came to the school – Malina was in camp on the other side of town and when Max stopped by the school they were packing up.
      We will make more of an effort to make it for Matteo next year when he starts kindergarten- otherwise we will not go on a Sunday afternoon two weeks before school starts! You have a good system ordering online or seeing the representative at the school. Enjoy the rest of summer too!

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