Still trying to find my “inner peace”: The Inner Peace Award


I began blogging last December and have somehow managed to post something daily since that random night that I decided to start blogging. Last week fellow blogger Sherri whose blog is called A View From My Summerhouse sent me greetings and notified me that she was awarding me with the “Inner Peace Award”. Blogging daily for the past 8 months I have ‘met’ some incredible people and Sherri is no exception. We originally connected both being mothers raising children in California and from there our friendship has blossomed. I recommend that you check out her blog to see how she has dealt with all the issues that life has thrown her way, and handled with grace. Sherri, I do love your candidness and the honesty that you express on your blog. Thank you for awarding me with the “Inner Peace Award”.

Now I would like to take care of business and discuss the rules of this blog. There are none other than to proudly post the award’s photo on your blog. Amazing, an award with just one rule, amazing. Consider that done.

Being a super busy working mom I need a little “inner peace”. This award has made me really think about how can I achieve just that? To be truthful I am at “peace” with my life and how things go on a day to day basis. For me “inner peace” is taking peace to another level, one that I often do not reach, probably due to the fact that I am so busy that at the end of the day I usually fall asleep in just moments after my head hits the pillow. I see “inner peace” as taking time to reflect in a prayer or meditate about the day that has past or challenges that lie ahead. I have one of those desk top rock fountains in my room- maybe it is time to put some water in it and reflect on my life.

(day 245)

2 thoughts on “Still trying to find my “inner peace”: The Inner Peace Award

  1. Congratulations Tieshka, and I am really touched by your beautiful words above, thank you so much. I’m so glad that we ‘met’ too 🙂 I love how you have expressed what ‘inner peace’ means to you and I do hope that in this very busy phase of your lovely young life you can find even just a few moments in each day to draw some of that peace into your heart…take time out for you and to smell the roses, or the coffee, whichever!!! Have a great day 🙂

    • Sherri, thank you once again for awarding me with the Inner Peace Award. Yes, I hope to balance life out a bit more to have time to focus on the inner peace inside of me sooner than later. Hopefully I can keep to my plan of less commitments in September and do just that.

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