Beach walk

I live so close to the beach now that I can feel ocean breezes from home. I make a point to drive past the ocean on the way to and back from work. What I don’t seem to do so often though is drive to the beach and soak up some rays. Let me explain, there are two reasons for this: (1) the sun has not been around much this summer and (2) we have not had time to “just relax” at the beach.

August is upon us now and the best two months of summer are here- August and September! Surprisingly September is the best weather of the year usually in Los Angeles. My schedule will be more open next month so that will be a great time to finally visit the beach at least every other week. In the meantime driving home from work/school/camp the other week along the ocean the weather was just too perfect not to stop at the beach for an hour before dinner. Here are a few pictures from our beach time in the sun.

Matteo & I in MB

sand writing

(day 244)


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