Learning how to ride a bike- Part 2

Malina biking

We started to teach the kids how to ride their bikes without training wheels last month. I was very excited for this big step for 6 year old Malina and 4 year old Matteo. Our original idea was to take off one of the training wheels and let things progress from there.

Fast forward three weeks and I finally had a chance to take the kids out again to practice bike riding. This time both kids did the leaning to the side of the remaining training wheel (previously it was only Matteo). I will say Malina did try to balance more, or maybe just could not lean to the side when turning corners. I was prepared- I had Band-Aids for that scrape that eventually happened.

Finding time to practice this new skill is not easy. That was my problem all along. My latest commitment is taking the kids out consistently so that they practice, practice, practice. I held up my end of the bargain on this deal by taking them out again just days after their second time riding without a training wheel. This time Max took off the pedals on their bike and the training wheels. We tried the balance bike method.

I will tell you it was not easy to make the kids happy with this method. When Matteo saw that his pedals were gone he threw a big fit. Crying and complaining and crying more. My compromise was to bring his pedals and carry them in my backpack just in case he wanted them later. In the end he took to gliding quite well. It was Malina that ended up not liking having her pedals off. It was a harder task for her to master, and although she had to fight back the tears from quitting she continued on at our urging. I am confident that she will master gliding soon enough.

Practice session #4 to occur this weekend. We are finally on a consistent schedule and I can’t imagine them not being “experts” at this in the next month or two if we continue on at this rate.

biking without training wheel

No training wheel method = leaning to the side

bike race

The boys speeded to the finish line during a bike race

my unhappy biker

Unhappy Malina

break time

The ever so important snack break

(day 242)


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