Here’s to new beginnings

I am glad to say that after nearly one week without a home computer we now have our computer working again. I seriously went into withdrawal the first day or two without a computer. I can live without a television, but without a computer I suffered a bit. It just goes to show how dependent I am on my computer. There are still a number of programs that I need to reinstall, but the basics work- I just hope I don’t need to scan or print today! The best news of the computer virus scare is that they were able to recover my files!!! With that being said I now have my photos of the kids back.

I thought today I would take a few minutes to write about five valuable lessons that I learned from this experience.

(1) Always back up your computer! I have an external hard drive- I just rarely use it. By the end of the weekend I will have all of my files saved in an alternate spot.

(2) Watch out where you stream from; there are a lot of websites out there that have viruses and I sure don’t want to catch one again. Max said he would limit his streaming to more trusted sites- hopefully that will work.

(3) Limit my time on the computer for other activities. I am a bit of a computer nerd. I don’t spend my time playing games or anything, but I love to sit down with a Word document and write all the time! Not having access to a computer for almost a week I had time to do other things.

(4) Never give up. Even without a functioning computer I somehow managed to continue blogging without interruption. I never realized how determined I can be if I put my mind it. This really makes me feel good, and I hope that in future situations I can look back to this instance and realize that nothing is impossible.

(5) Own more than one computer. We have had it on our list to buy a second computer and hopefully that will become a reality before the year ends! A second computer will allow us to continue to have internet access if some other crazy thing happens to one of the computers.

(day 241)


2 thoughts on “Here’s to new beginnings

  1. Glad you are up and running again Tieshka – it can be a nightmare. I was in a panic when ‘spamgate’ hit and since my daughter lost everything last year when her hard drive crashed we are now super vigilant when it comes to backing everything up! It is scary though how much we rely on our computers. Whatever did we do without them?? 🙂

    • Dear Sherri, thank you for commenting on this post. Without a computer we can not be bloggers! Last night I was still downloading programs & my computer is on the slow side still- one more tech support call and hopefully I will be back to where I was before this whole incident happened. Sorry to hear that your daughter was not as lucky as I with having her hard drive saved. And yes, the back up is the key- I will do mine tonight! And every other week from now on. Have a great weekend.

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