Why do I always overcommit myself?

surfer statue + kids

It is Monday morning and I can’t believe that yet another week is over. Is it really already August? The time is zooming by so quickly that I feel like if I don’t watch out the kids will be out of the house before I know it.

I am a planner, a very big one at that. I sat down over the weekend and updated my calendar for this month. It was surprising to see that almost every Saturday and Sunday is booked with an event. That is too crazy! Maybe I should start planning less- much easier said than done.

This past weekend was spent with minimal relaxing, some daytime sleeping, visiting with relatives, fondue night, and culminated Sunday with a concert in the park with friends doing a potluck style dinner and listening to 80’s music. I am exhausted just thinking about everything I did.

I really want to escape too many commitments. My goal for September is to commit to a maximum of four events for the month during weekends (other than playing tennis). I hope that leaves some time for me to nothing other than just relax with my family.

Update on the success of this to come in October… until then here’s to starting a new week!

(day 238)


4 thoughts on “Why do I always overcommit myself?

    • Sherri, thanks.. I somehow always overcommit myself- the good news is that I usually have my husband & kids with me (overcommitting them too)! I know things will only become crazier as the kids become older so realizing that I need to slow down a bit now is a good thing.

    • Hi Mia, thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, you are right it is okay to turn down an invitation- I started doing this more lately with all the birthday parties that the kids are invited to.

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