Still trying to break through language barriers

language books

**Before the horrible virus struck my computer I wrote one post which is below.**

At the end of last week I started practicing my Italian again with a new language partner. I haven’t had an Italian conversation partner since last fall so you can imagine how much I have practiced. Max (my Italian husband) and I have said a few words in Italian to each other in passing, but other than that I have had limited exposure to the Italian language as of late (other than Italian television on cable).

With that being said I have concentrated on speaking French for the last eight months with my other conversation partner whose native language is French. Some of you might wonder why I don’t practice speaking Italian with Max? When I took classes in Italian at the local junior college we would practice some, but once we started having kids there was no time to practice and as time passed it became harder and harder for me to remember my words.

To my surprise after making a request for an Italian conversation partner at the university where I work, I was notified earlier last week that I had a match. In preparation I had hoped to review one of my old textbooks prior to meeting Giuseppe, but never found the time. Being a bit nervous I headed out to meet him. Surprisingly I did better than I thought I would and am actually inspired to do better so I can speak conversational Italian like I once did. Yeah!

I have doubt that I will ever be fluent in another language. Sometimes it makes me sad, but I figure at least I have a good comprehension of two languages other than English. Perhaps if we move abroad one day I will become fluent in another language, but short of that I will continue practicing away on two languages that I find ever so beautiful.

(day 237)


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