I have a computer virus

Today is a very bad day for me as a blogger who writes a daily post. I have no computer. After sleeping for two hours last night Max woke me up telling me that something was wrong with the computer. I knew almost immediately that it was a virus of some sort.

First I tried to fix it. No luck, much too tricky for a computer novice such as myself. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with technical support before it was confirmed that the trojan has infected my operating system. To make a long story short I am now tapping along on my phone to blog for the next few days. Formatting may be off until later when I take a look at my blog on a full screen computer so please excuse any temporary errors.

In the meantime I await receiving a Windows 7 operating system disk at work and must locate a drivers disk in my neatly organized boxes. With the big move a few months back I no longer know where I keep all of the computer stuff!

For the record I am one of those people who never back up their computer. I will be losing most of the photos I took over the last few years of the kids with my phone. Fun stuff, far from the end of the world, but that is the challenge I am now facing.

Have a good weekend, hopefully much better than how mine has began.

(Day 236)


2 thoughts on “I have a computer virus

  1. I can’t believe Max woke you up for this! Yes, we don’t realize the complexity of a computer operating smoothly until you have problems with it. Good luck fixing you computer. Thank God for your smart phone!

    • Hi Mia- I’m glad Max woke me up instead of finding out about the issue in the morning when I usually blog. I have located two of the three items that tech support requested so once the Windows disk arrives our computer should be functioning again. I am happy that I could continue blogging even without a functioning computer!

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