Am I still blogging without a break??

before lessons

Is it only day 234 of blogging? Oh my goodness… I still have a heck of a long time to keep this up. I must admit I am starting to run out of things to blog about! (feel free to make any suggestions) I also must admit I absolutely love looking back at what I have come up with to blog about the last 8 months. I also love when the few friends who follow my blog send me a text message saying they never knew this or that about me/ or make comments. I also love that somehow I have managed to have at least one “like” on all of my daily entries- thanks for that!

Max’s official blog debut was yesterday- a photo displaying his wonderful cooking. He told me that he’s not going to write for my blog but will gladly be interviewed on whatever I want to ask him about Italy or cooking or whatever. He may just check out my blog too for the first time by December when I reach that magic number of 365 days..

So I am absolutely amazed that summer is almost over. Where did all the time go? Or was summer shorter this year? Malina finished school mid-June and today is August 1st. We start a new school in just weeks- yes, I’ll be blogging about the experience of going to a new elementary school for sure in her perspective soon.

For the past month we have been going to swim lessons after work/school/camp. I have been enjoying spending time with my family at the pool before the kids lessons begin. And while they have their private lessons I enjoy swimming some laps, where I take the opportunity to think about anything and everything (which is one of my favorite things about swimming laps).

Last night after finishing up my swim I took a good 5 minutes to check out the kids in action during their lessons. Little Matteo is somehow swimming across the 10 feet pool without help and can do a butterfly stroke. His teacher says that he is the only 4 year old he knows that can do a butterfly- oh my. And my dear Malina is swimming up to 100 meters now with freestyle, breast stroke and butterfly without taking a break. Her teacher said she’d be a good candidate for swim team in a few years- at age 8. YES- starting the kids at swimming at 6 months of age really did help them! Okay I also must admit that I have always wanted a family member to go scuba diving with- I can see it now – when they are teenagers we can scuba together.

I am still loving driving past the beach every day on my way to work. I still look out the window for the bikers and the surfers. When I drive by I still say “hi Mr. Surfer” and “goodbye” to the ocean as it disappears from sight. I have not had time to do another breakfast at the beach. I also haven’t had time to work more on the bike lessons that I mentioned that we began. Where is the time going? Wow.

With no major vacation this summer – just two days off – one to visit Paso Robles wine county and another this month to celebrate my birthday it has been the shortest, least vacationed summer in ages. I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but next summer we should have a bit more of a break traveling abroad most probably.

So as day 234 of blogging comes to a close I have just 131 days left until I reach a year of blogging straight. I believe that I will make it.. just hang in there with me and we’ll reach that day together in just a matter of time.

(day 234)


6 thoughts on “Am I still blogging without a break??

  1. Such great news that Malina and Teo can swim….. and more than swim, actually do strokes! Owen and Avery can FINALLY swim (after several years of lessons), but they are no where near doing any type of strokes. Somehow, I don’t see the Olympics in our future 😉 I’m just glad they finally learned.

    • Steph, knowing that your kids can swim is such a stress reliever.. they can go to swim parties and water parks and you don’t stress out nearly as much. No Olympic champions in our family either- but hopefully 2 future scuba divers- once they forget about sharks being in the ocean!

  2. Hang in there Tieshka, you can do it, you are doing a wonderful job! Where is the summer going indeed, but the kids here in the UK have only just finished, they get 6 weeks! I remember the long summers when we lived in the States and how the kids and I would come ‘home’ to the UK to visit and then get back in time for swimming lessons before school started all over again! Enjoy the rest of your summer before it all gets manic again 🙂

    • Sherri, thanks for the continued encouragement.. I still remember around day 100 when you nominated me for that blog award… I have come so far since then!

      6 weeks for summer break is a crime. Wow, there’s no time to do anything really. Will do my best to ‘relax’ before the new school year of craziness begins! Take care.

  3. Hi Tiki! It is so great that you are sticking with your goal of blogging daily for a year ! I am proud of you! How was Paso? You made it up there?

    • Hi Julie.. glad you have had a chance to check out my blog & thanks for making a comment. As you can see I’ve been pretty busy – on top of regular life- maintaining a daily blog since December. And yes, we went to Paso & had a great time .. take a look at my blogs from early July and you’ll find posts on the trip. We plan on returning to San Luis Obispo next year! Hope you can join us next time. 🙂

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