Visiting the ‘US Open of Surfing Championships’ — Yeah!!

US Open of Surfing

This year the “US Open of Surfing Championships” were held in Huntington Beach, California from July 20-28th ending this past Sunday. I was very excited to learn that Max could join the kids and I for the finals this year – it was his first trip to the competition (and my second year with the kids after a long break from going in my 20’s). I have to say that I absolutely love watching live surfing competitions and feel blessed that I have that opportunity living in Southern California.

my little sunshines

The weather was crummy; we saw less than an hour of sun as the day passed, but it did not damper my mood. After being challenged to park (eventually forking up $30 for the day) we made our way to the beach! We found a spot on the sand and watched the women’s and men’s semifinals and part of the finals. Okay, I should say that I watched the surfing. After snack time the kids hit the ocean with dad while I continued to watch the professionals make their signature moves in the Orange County waves.

the 'pool' skateboard style

Eventually we continued on to booths and did some shopping at the “Vans Off the Wall” beach-side store! Matteo ended up with a hat that he would not take off– including wearing it all day to school after I wrote his name on it with a Sharpie marker. We also checked the skateboarders and BMX bike riders. Next we ate lunch at a restaurant and went back to the beach for boogie boarding time that I participated in. The ocean was freezing; but after running around pulling the kids for a while I warmed up.

We were exhausted as our fun filled family day ended at the “US Open of Surfing”. Driving home I already started looking forward to returning next year to watch the world’s best down in Huntington Beach, California once again.

Here is some more of what I saw walking the beach….

the big screen

HB Pier

skateoards beach-style

little sunshines (2)

family picture

the packed beach

(day 232)


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