Can you ever have too much Nutella?

gigantic Nutella jar

I was putting up groceries in the cupboard the other day when I noticed a new jar of Nutella that Max had bought. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that is very popular in Italy. I have noticed over the past few years it being marketed more in the United States as well, but I believe it will never reach the same popularity as in Europe.

Max buys his Nutella at the Italian market where you have a choice between buying the Canadian version or the Italian version. As I looked at the gigantic glass jar (almost 3 3/4 cups – 750g) I recalled that he had told me that he had bought the larger jar because it was Italian and better quality and in a glass jar verses a plastic jar that the Canadian version come in.

I use Nutella on croissants and bananas. Malina loves it more than anyone else in our family I believe. Max puts it on toast. I think we will have to make some crepes to use some of it too – I still don’t know how to make good crepes, so I will leave that task to Max to conquer. Regardless how we use it I know that we will have enough Nutella to last for the next few months with this jar!

You can read more about the topic of our Nutella obsession on my blog A rare treasure – the Nutelleria (Bologna).

(day 231)


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