Is it time for music lessons?

drum time

It’s time to sign Matteo up for some type of lesson to use some of that extra energy that he has. Guess what?? I can’t decide what lesson to sign him up for!! At first I thought soccer was the answer, but then he was not interested in taking it. Maybe I shouldn’t have given him an option?

Next I thought perhaps he would like gymnastics- that is what he asked to take after all. It might be the answer? Or maybe not. He seems to be a natural at baseball, but I have no clue where those lessons are going on; and then came a revelation…. He loves music. In particular he is in love with the drums. To date he has had 2 basic drum sets and neither has survived his wrath. So recently we looked into drum lessons and are at the point where he needs to go in for an assessment with the teacher to see if he’s old enough to focus for lessons at age 4.

One friend asked how I would go about listening to him playing all the time and I had a great answer, “He’ll only play in the studio”- at least to start. For now we need to find the right time for his assessment and go from there. Wish us luck!! And in the meantime my little swimmer will continue working on his free style and butterfly strokes in the pool during his summer swim lessons.

(day 228)


2 thoughts on “Is it time for music lessons?

  1. Hey Tiki: good luck listening to the drumming! Hope you have headphones! If you can’t take it just contact your local parks and rec — they usually have T-ball leagues for little ones – especially at this time of year. I know Culver City has two!

    • Hi Stacey- thanks for all the comments on blog! I love it!! Thanks for the tips on parks and rec- I will have to check it out. Matteo will have his assessment for readiness for drum lessons early August. Yeah!

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