Visiting the Catacombs of Paris

Catacombes de Paris

I have a fascination with visiting the underground of cities and exploring under Paris is no exception. I find it fascinating when a city has labyrinths with walkways in every direction below where the life of the city is. In Paris I have visited the sewers and the catacombs. Today I will write a few words on the catacombs. As a child I learned about the catacombs (in Italy) and we even recreated them with cardboard boxes in the school cafeteria. To visit authentic catacombs was a real treat.

That day after hopping on the metro (subway) to the Denfert-Rochereau stop I quickly arrived to the catacombs. It was really dark and somewhat spooky since there were skulls everywhere and not many people around, but I enjoyed wondering around the tunnels going everywhere. When I finished my tour they asked to look in my bag to see if I had taken any of skulls for souvenirs. I looked in front of me and security had a pile of artifacts that people had stolen. How crazy is that?? I have visited the catacombs just once, but I think it would be great to visit again when the kids are teenagers. For now I have memories of the first trip still very clear in my mind.

(day 225)


2 thoughts on “Visiting the Catacombs of Paris

    • Hi Stacey, the catacombs in Paris are a museum- so it is as safe as can be. Some people might have bad dreams though. I hope to visit the catacombs in Rome one day too….

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