A Day in Photos- Paris in December

Sacre Coeur

After revisiting the Christmas I spent in Paris with my parents on my blog yesterday about Auvers-Sur-Oise I had to go back and see what other treasured photos I have from that trip. Other than the day trip and being in Paris with my parents (our only time in Paris together) I had fun showing them some of my favorite spots around town. In addition to the Jardin du Luxembourg I was extremely found of Montmontre and the Sacre Coeur at the time. Being their tour guide and translator was fun too! My mom learned French as a kid and still remembered a little bit, and as for my dad, it was just fun to hear him say in the morning ‘Bonjour.. je voudrais un pain au chocolat’ (Hello, I would like a chocolate sweet roll pastry)… hehehe…

Below are some photos from that trip.

le jardin de Versailles

Versailles – the gardens

la tour eiffel et moi

Posing with the Tour Eiffel

galeries lafayette store

inside the galeries lafayette

The Galleries Lafayette (department store)

l'hotel de ville

Ice skating in front of the Hotel de Ville

the Ritz Carlton

the Jean Patou shop

Christmas lights- The Ritz Carlton (hotel) and Jean Patou (high fashion clothing store)

avec les fleurs

Posing with mom outside a flower shop

(day 223)


3 thoughts on “A Day in Photos- Paris in December

    • Valerie, I find travelling so liberating.. there is so much to do, see and experience. Travelling as a mom has added yet another element to travelling for me. I love to show my kids mom’s favorite places and I love seeing how much they too love to travel.

      Start saving for that family vacation somewhere great!!

      • We are!! We’ve been saving weekly since February. We have no idea where we’re going to go, but it will be our first BIG family vacation that doesn’t include visiting out-of-state relatives! 😉

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