Let’s go fly a kite

kite flying

Max and I used to have a kite that we bought from the toy store; that was before we had kids. We would fly it at the beach from time to time during our weekly visits. We brought it out with the kids once, but somehow it broke. I think someone must have accidently become trapped in the string or something.

a large reel

Next I bought a mini-kite that did not survive. That one was made out of tissue paper. My brother and sister-in-law bought us a large kite from China (a fish shape) during the five that that they lived there. We still have to go out as a family to try it out since they instructed us that it would take multiple people to get it up in the air. I can’t wait to see it fly in the sky; the reel is so big (see above) and the kite is even bigger (longer than 5 feet)!

That brings us to our other kite, the dog kite. The kids and took a walk one day at the beach when I recalled that a kite was in my trunk. I keep everything in my trunk. The wind was strong that day and we finally wer able to successfully help it reach the sky!!! Yeah!!! We had a blast, especially since it was so easy to fly. Now that is what kite flying is about.

walk before flying

(day 222)


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