I love that my son is still a little boy

Matteo w/ surf boards

I had two instances over the last two weeks that make me realize that Matteo is still a little boy. He is a strong boy, in behavior, strength, and will…. but he is also a ‘momma’s boy’. He is always looking for me, walking over to give me a kiss, or sometimes running to me to hug me when I pick him up from school. He loves to cuddle and when he is hurt it’s usually his mommy that he is looking to for help, but when he is in trouble with mommy he is always looking for “daddy, daddy”.

We went to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July at the park. He enjoyed the first half of the show, but all the sudden he turned to me and said “I’m scared” and started to cry into my shoulder. My little guy completely buried his head into me hiding for safety. The show ended soon and I wished he didn’t come with us and didn’t have that pain. Next year he will stay at home with dad!

This past weekend we enjoyed a day cooling off at the mall in some air-conditioning at the movie theater. We went to see “Monsters University”. It was the great family outing. The movie was super cute and we were all enjoying it when all the sudden during an intense ‘scaring moment’ Matteo screamed “I’m afraid!” and started crying into my shoulder. It was deja-vu from the other week. He totally flipped out one more time before the movie ended and proclaimed at the end, “I hate this movie”. Yikes the “H” word that we don’t use in our family.

So yes, I still have my little man, and I have to admit at times I wish he were potty trained at night, and wish he were in kindergarten already, but he’s not.. and I can tell he loves me more than anything and I hope he will continue to give me kisses and hugs even when he is taller than me and an adult one day.

(day 218)


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