8 Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil

Living with Max I have laughed time to time when he tells me to use olive oil for so many different things. I will admit a few times I had to go online and double check the use for it and Max has always been right. I sat him down for a few minutes last evening to write down some of the uses of olive oil to share.

(1) Cooking. It is used more as a dressing in cooking and sometimes he uses a dash in cooking on the stove. He believes it is better than butter, but says that in the north of Italy, especially in the region of Piedmont, they prefer to use butter and creams.

(2) Sun tan lotion. It can be strong, but Max remembers that his dad used to use it at the beach.

(3) To sooth the pain from ear infections. Both of our kids had many ear infections. Warming up olive oil and inserting a few drops into the ear helps relieve the pain.

(4) A wood shiner. Olive oil works as a furniture polish on treated wood.

(5) Hand cream. Olive oil works wonders on dry skin in the winter as it helps to keep the hands moist.

(6) Dandruff conditioner. Using a small quantity of olive oil on the scalp to moisturize it, like a conditioner, can apparently do wonders.

(7) Lice killer. Lice are a nightmare and hopefully you never run into the pesky insect. If you do olive oil helps to kill them on the spot.

(8) Help lower bad cholesterol. Uncooked olive oil in small doses can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL- Low-density lipoprotein). Try two tablespoons a day – the antioxidants in olive oil help lower the bad cholesterol.

Max has not used olive oil for all of the items I have listed above, but has seen many people do just that in Italy. I find it interesting that it has so many uses and I hope that you have learned one or two new uses for olive oil today too.

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2 thoughts on “8 Uses for Olive Oil

  1. Thank you, Tiki! Bulgarians use sunflower oil for 1, 3, 4 and 5. Not sure if it has the other effects as well. If you could ask your husband about advice on how to choose good olive oil for various purposes–cooking versus salads, based on type of extraction, how strong the flavor is that would be appreciated!!! Appreciated!

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