Random post- discovering my tape collection again


The other week while I was putting the kids to bed I noticed that the CD player was not working correctly. I was about to turn on the radio when I discovered that they have a tape deck on their boombox (portable stereo). I was so excited!!! When I sold my record player the other month I thought we did not have a tape player anymore, which was a shame since I have at least 100 tapes. Moving to our new place I took the tapes of the box that I had previously kept them in and organized them in a cabinet.

Once the kids were asleep I went into the cabinet and began reviewing my options. There were so many tapes that I did not buy on CD to continue hearing them.

I started with England’s XTC’s tape Skylarking from 1986.

My next choice was Australia’s INXS’s tape Shabooh Shoobah from 1982.

I ended the night with a mixed tape that my friend Sandra made for me before I moved abroad to Switzerland and France. That tape was the highlight of the evening as it was a mix of different tunes and brought me right back to my morning walks around Paris that always ended in the Jardin du Luxembourg sitting on one of those green metal chairs, closing my eyes, and daydreaming.

Unfortunately I have not had time to revisit my tape collection again since that evening, but hopefully I will return to it soon. Meanwhile I am happy that when I find the time it will be a great evening listening to my tapes, sharing memories and creating new ones.

(day 214)


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