Here’s to new experiences- zumba!

Yesterday on lunch break I was heading out for a nice walk with a friend on an overcast day. Right after I met her we were about to start our walk when Marcella ran into another friend. She was on her way to a free zumba class. My friend looked at me and said, “Why don’t we try it?”

My initial thought was fear; I am so not coordinated. After I acknowledged this I thought to myself, “So what?” Instead of going for a nice high intensity walk we attended a zumba class. I’ll admit I actually did not know what zumba was but wanted to give it a try anyways. You know we all only live once and trying something new is fun.

I walked into a room full of women dancing to Latin music. My first thought was I wished I was on a tropical island on the beach doing this, but in actuality I was in a somewhat stuffy carpeted room. I also wasn’t dressed for zumba, but at least I had on tennis shoes.

The class was fun. I was in the back trying to count the steps, one and two, and one and two. Turn this way, twirl this way, and breathe. Jumping jacks, move those hips, lunge here, squat there, and now to the right, and to the left, and once again don’t forget to breathe. I was not graceful, I did not get all the moves, but I was more coordinated then I thought I would be. I actually look forward to returning to another class, just next time I will dress appropriately!

After the class my legs were super tight. When I swam laps in the pool after work my calves were stiff. I worked through it, and with practice am sure that I will learn some of the routines with our teacher who I later learned was voted zumba instructor of the year a few years back. For now I pat myself on the back for trying it out and say here’s to new experiences.

(day 213)


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