Breakfast at the beach

palm tree with surfer

I love the ocean. Spending time at the beach is one of my favorite things to do. Moving near the beach and driving past it twice a day to and from work has added years to my lifespan; seriously that is how it feels.

By 7:00am each weekday morning the kids and I are driving with the ocean at our side and I can’t keep my eyes off of the waves. I look for the surfers, the bike riders, and the person who enjoys watching the waves from the shore.

I wish every day that I could stop and eat breakfast, and just relax for awhile before continuing on. So finally after a few weeks of agony driving by and not stopping the kids and I did stop to eat breakfast. The beach was extremely peaceful when we arrived and not many people were there.

That morning was the best one that I have had since moving here, spending the beginning of the day at the beach. The only thing missing was Max- maybe next time!

beach road

This is the road that I take from the beach to the city.

breakfast at the beach

breakfast at the beach 2

Breakfast at the beach


surfers 2

surfers 3

surfers 4

That day I took some photos of the surfers

people fishing

person fishing

I also took photos of people fishing

pic with the lifeguard

Before we left I asked the lifeguard to pose with the kids



Teo & Lina

Profiles of my munchkins

(day 211)


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