The Rude Hotel Guests

hotel front desk

Writing about my girls’ weekend for little over the last week has been fun. It really was a great trip and refreshed my body and spirit which I really needed. I had fun hanging out with my friends, going wine tasting, and I enjoyed having time to myself driving to and from Paso Robles.

We stayed at the Best Western Plus Black Oak hotel and it was a nice property. It was nothing flashy, but very comfortable and in a good location. On the first morning of our stay I went to the coffee shop to work on my daily blog while my friends slept. After a few hours I returned and they were awake. We began talking and preparing for our day of wine tasting when all of the sudden our phone rang. I didn’t give anyone the phone number to the hotel, who could it be?

The lady on the phone said she was calling from the front desk and had received two complaints that we were being too loud. It was 8:00am and I had just walked in the room minutes before, and my friends had just woken up. I made a comment to my friends that this had never happened to me, and usually I have two loud children with me!

A little while later we went to the front desk for breakfast vouchers to use at the restaurant next door. When the front desk asked what room we were in we quietly said the room number waiting for them to make reference to the recent complaint. They didn’t say anything so I said we weren’t sure how we were so loud since in fact we were not. The front desk knew nothing about the call because they had not called us. We figured out that our neighbors had called us directly pretending to be the front desk. How rude!! The front desk had never head of this type of thing going on either.

Although I would have liked to knock on the neighbors door to discuss their behavior I didn’t. I saw a “do not disturb” on their door, did not see them in person, and was glad when the front desk told us they would be checking out that day so we would not have to deal with them the following day.

(day 210)


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