Visiting the Wineries of Paso Robles

wine signs

Spending the day wine tasting in Paso Robles turned out to be an excellent experience, and be truthful, I did not expect anything less! I will say that our shuttle service, the Wine Line, was more than what I expected.

live music

peachy canyon winery

peachy canyon winery 2

Lisa requested that we visit Peachy Canyon Winery. They sell to her local grocery store and she had been drinking one of their wines at home. Our driver suggested we go at lunch time so we could hear live music. This was an excellent suggestion. Leaving Veris Winery we continued on next door to Peachy Canyon. We walked to the back of the property where there was someone playing guitar and singing under a gazebo. At that point the sun was beaming down on us at full strength and the only picnic table available was also in the hot sun. The musician entertaining the crowd said into his microphone for us to ask the winery staff to move a table to the shade for us. They did and we had a nice lunch listening to tunes taking in our beautiful surroundings.

Grey Wolf Cellars Entry

Grey Wolf Cellars

Grey Wolf Cellars 2

grey wolf cellars 3

the dog

At this point I had been drinking wine all day and although I was not drunk I began to start feeling a little tired. One of our group was also feeling the heat of the day and took it easy at our next stop, Grey Wolf Cellars. Our driver referred to the property as a grandma’s house type of place and that was exactly what I felt entering the winery. We stood opposite a kitchen sipping wines talking with each other. I especially liked the dog who was relaxing on the floor in the kitchen!

Rotta Winery

Rotta Winery 2

Rotta Winery 3

Rotta Winery 4

Rotta Winery 5

We had enough time to visit one last winery, and Rotta Winery was definitely one of my favorites of the day. It was at the suggestion of our driver Will that we stopped here. The property is set back off of the road and then some. The front room was full so we went to the back room for our tasting and had one tasting staff explain the wines to us as we drank. There must have been 7 or 8 wines in this tasting and I tried them all. The woman who helped us was very charming. She also was a mom and told us a story about her child going off to college in the fall. It really pulled at my heart strings and I kid you not- I had tears going down my face by the time I left. She knew we’d appreciate her story since we were moms too. I ended up buying two bottles here, a port and a muscat canelli.

Arriving back to our hotel I was wiped out. After spending a little time at the pool with my friends I retreated to the hotel and took a nap before going out for dinner. The Paso Robles wine region is awesome and I would definitely return here for more tasting in the future.


(day 209)


4 thoughts on “Visiting the Wineries of Paso Robles

  1. Wow, seeing these photos of the park in Paso Robles has made me very homesick! Spent so much time there when my kids were little, and when my two boys were in the Cub and Boy Scouts, we use to have a tri-tip stand every year at the Paso Robles Wine Festival to raise funds for our troop. What happy memories! Thanks Tieshka too for your help, so glad I can comment on your wonderful blog again! I look forward to reading more about your daily adventures! Have a super weekend…it is still very hot here in the UK, we are actually having a summer! Not nearly as hot as Paso though, I won’t forget that heat in a hurry 🙂

    • Sherri, raising kids in this area must have been wonderful- so nice and calm compared to the north and south! One of my friends on this trip is actually from Los Osos and told us that the area had changed dramatically since she was a kid. The Wine Festival was going on when we were in town, but since we were there for such a short time we didn’t make it. Try to stay cool!! I prefer the climate living close to the beach. 🙂

    • Dear Peachy Canyon Winery- thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. We had a great time visiting your tasting room & look forward to returning sometime in the future!

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