Visiting Firestone Walker Brewery

Firestone Walker Brewery

I first started drinking Firestone Walker beer a few years ago after visiting the Firestone Walker Tap Room in Buellton, California. I knew that the brewery was in Paso Robles, where I would be vacationing, so I was super excited to learn that they offered a tour of the facility. A few days before driving to central California I called and reserved a spot for the tour.

Firestone Walker Brewery (2)

Arriving to the brewery I relaxed at the bar waiting for the tour to begin. Just by luck I was early enough to take an earlier tour as they had space available still. I had placed my tennis shoes in the car and put them on prior to leaving the car since closed toe shoes are a requirement for their brewery tours. Of note the staff was friendly and the beer was excellent. Although they did not offer free samples on the tour 3 oz. samples at the bar started at $1.50 each.

the bar

The tour was 30 minutes and there was plenty to see and learn. I love to drink beer, but know very little about how it is made. I heard the history of the brewery learning that it opened in 2001 with owners Adam Firestone and David Walker– hence the name of the brewery Firestone Walker. My guide was very knowledgeable and could even answer questions from one person who made home brew.

the cooler

It was a great visit to the brewery and I would definitely return to the bar in the brewery or to the Tap Room Restaurant next door if I return to Paso Robles.

the tour

production line

the tour (2)

the tour (3)

the tour (4)

the tour (5)

oak barrels

many kegs


(day 206)


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