200 Straight Days of Blogging !!!

the beach

**Reflections on my blog June 27, 2013**

I sit here on the eve of my 200th straight day of blogging drinking a beer and watching a recording of “The Bachelorette” on television. I am amazed that I have kept blogging daily and am not quite sure how it has happened. I have said it before and will say it again; I began blogging on a whim. I had no clue what I was doing, but had been told in the past about WordPress. Not wanting to delay I started blogging that same night.

And here I am 200 days later. What a journey it has been. Over the last 200 days I have moved which has been a big change for me. Now I commute to work and still find myself unpacking boxes. On the flip side I see the ocean every day and can’t wait for any opportunity to touch the sand and be at the beach.

Now that I have kids I see time zooming by. Prior to kids life was all about me, and Max, now it is about my family. With summer upon us my daughter Malina has finished first grade and is approaching second grade. My son Matteo still seems like a toddler, which he is, but he has just one year of preschool left. Meanwhile here I am getting older about to approach 41 years old at the end of summer.

I don’t feel old, I still have a lot of energy, and I love keeping active. I still love an adventure and I love to travel- whenever wherever. I just came back from a most liberating girl’s weekend in Central California that I can’t wait to write about. Driving on the open road alone gave me lots of time to think and enjoy me.

I don’t know what I will be blogging about every day for the next 165 days… I wonder will I run out of topics, will I run out of time? People I know (in particular my husband Max) wonder how I have time to blog each and every day on top of working full-time, being a wife, being a mother, and having so many commitments. And I know the answer. It is because I absolutely love writing each and every day!! It is my time to do what I want to do- relax and blog.

(day 200)


2 thoughts on “200 Straight Days of Blogging !!!

  1. Happy 200 days of blogging!! I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your amazing pictures! Its nice to read about all the places you’ve visited! I cannot wait to go on a road trip across the US!!

    • Hi Mary, thank you for the kind comments. I am glad that you are still enjoying reading my blog. For a family road trip you might need a RV! I did it in a car, but I was with adults. Cheers to future travels!

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