Road Trip- Destination Las Vegas

me posing!

You can follow my road trip across America starting here.

We continued on driving from Albuquerque to Las Vegas covering 573 miles. It look us a little over 11.5 hours to complete this stretch. It was yet another big driving day, but by the days end we would be very close to Southern California.

To be truthful the drive from Albuquerque was brutal. There was quite a bit of open road for a portion of the drive and a huge mountain pass. I am not a big fan of mountain passes; perhaps if I drove a stick shift car where you can be in charge of the gears I wouldn’t feel so hopeless. Nonetheless I recall wanting to charge past a car in front of us and not being able to do so! It was so frustrating, but guess what? I got over it once we reached the top and could zoom by the couple in a big old sand colored Cadillac!!

Petrified Forest National Park

outside the Petrified Forest Park

We stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. It was interesting to see all the trees turned into stone, and I am a personal fan of the hieroglyphics that I saw etched into trees.

mountain landscape

Looking out into the horizon all you could see were mountains. You can see many, many miles away in this area. It was amazingly beautiful.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace

Paris Casino

Paris Casino

We arrived to Las Vegas during the evening. Luckily Las Vegas, or Vegas as most locals call it, is a city that thrives after midnight. Not being much of a gambler I enjoyed walking around “Caesar’s Palace Casino” and posing with the employees in native dress. I did make it to “Paris Las Vegas Casino” to quickly see the Eiffel Tower- my favorite landmark anywhere. Next we visited the “Venetian Casino” with its’ beautiful man made canals. Last stop was a club; I don’t know why I did not go back to the hotel because I fell asleep at the table before I even finished my drink.

The Orleans

The next day we visited “The Orleans Casino” for a breakfast buffet before continuing on to California – our final state.

(day 197)


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