Road Trip- Destination Albuquerque New Mexico

Route 66

You can follow my road trip across America starting here.

The drive from Texas to New Mexico was short, thank goodness. We covered 286 miles which was estimated to be just over a 5 hour drive. I had researched where to stay in Albuquerque and found a cute place called “Route 66 Hostel” that only cost $16 per person a night. Included in the price was a chore that you had to do while staying on the property. Over the years I have stayed in many hostels and this one had to be one of my favorites.

la fonda

a cross

la casa vieja

St Francis Cathedral

loving the local architecture

From Albuquerque we took a quick drive (approximately one hour) to Santa Fe. Lisa recalls that New Mexico State Road 14 (NMSR14) was a quick drive and a bit windy. The road was packed and the locals drove it very fast as if a speed limit did not exist. We arrived to Santa Fe and I discovered it was a cute little town. We walked around and I enjoyed looking at the Pueblo-style architecture which is so different from where I live. I saw postcards and pictures of the town in the snow and it looked spectacular, especially the La Fonda Hotel with the orange and white contrast.

route 66 hostel

route 66 hostel (2)

route 66 hostel (3)

After spending time in Santa Fe we headed back to our hostel to do our chores, play games, and talk with the other travelers. It was an early night since the next day we needed to continue our drive to California. I can only imagine what it was like to travel across America before Route 66, which we were now crossing, existed. Those people were very brave souls.

the train

(day 196)


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