Road Trip- Destination Amarillo Texas

Oklahoma (1)

You can follow my road trip across America starting here.

From Tennessee we continued driving west through Arkansas and Oklahoma eventually making our way to Amarillo, Texas. That drive was just over 13 hours and 725 miles. This was the longest driving day of our trip by far, and I was glad when that day was over.


Since it was such a long drive we had to stop along the way to break it up. Lisa noticed a little place off Route 66 called Territory Town USA. It was silly tourist attraction, but lots of fun, and just what we needed to break up the monotony of the long drive. If you can’t be silly sometimes what can you do?


Eventually the day turned into night and we continued driving into the sunset. Our night ended up with dinner at a drive-in fast food restaurant called Sonics. Our waitress roller skated the meal over to us which was lots of fun! It was a perfect ending to a long day where we covered a lot of ground.

(day 195)


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