Road trip – Visiting an old friend & Elvis in Tennessee

Memphis Gift Shop

You can follow my road trip across America starting here.

After enjoying time back home in Indianapolis we met up with Katie, who also lived in Indianapolis, and we were off with our AAA (American Automobile Association) TripTiks and printed MapQuest maps to help us with directions. Instead of heading west across the state we headed south. We drove through Kentucky and stopped in Tennessee. I have a good friend who lives there, on the outskirts of Nashville, and we decided to visit her on our way west.

Peacock Hill

Peacock Hill

Peacock Hill 3

I had talked to a few people about driving cross county and we had opted to do the southern route to avoid the chance of running into snow in the mountains. Tennessee put us in the right spot. The bed and breakfast that my girlfriend’s parents owned in Tennessee was wonderful. We were out in nature and there were animals everywhere. The décor of the property was classic country and I was sad that we didn’t have time to stay the night. Years later when Max & I married my friend Nan gave me a gift certificate to stay at the bed and breakfast, but I still did not make it before they sold it. Some things are not meant to be.


We said our goodbyes and continued on west ending our night in Memphis, home of the blues AND Elvis! We actually stayed in Arkansas just across the Mississippi River at a little motel. Since we only had one evening in town we drove in front of a closed Graceland and had a few drinks on Beale Street where there are many blues clubs, restaurants and shops.

(day 194)


2 thoughts on “Road trip – Visiting an old friend & Elvis in Tennessee

  1. I remember it was quite a surprise seeing you and your friends drop by our place quite off the beaten path! I was so happy to see you even if the visit was brief. Yes, I was sure you would make it back to Tennessee with Max to stay overnight and I might get to help serve you a romantic, candlelight dinner!

    • Nan, you are so sweet. Max & I should have made it back that way, but as we both know it never happened. We do visit New Orleans from time to time.. perhaps on a longer visit we can drive up for the night and see you again.

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