Road Trip Across America- First stop Indiana

Nashville shopping

While I am away for the next few days for my girls weekend I will be sharing moments from a road trip that I did back in the 1990’s.

Back when I lived in Northern California on the East Bay (that is east of San Francisco) I did not have a car. My parents so graciously offered to give me their old car as they had just purchased a new one. There was one catch, they lived in Indiana.

I enlisted the help of two friends, Katie and Lisa, to help drive from Indiana to California and the planning began. Lisa and I flew to Indianapolis and I began the trip catching up with my parents and visiting with close friends that I have known since I was a kid.

Brown County State Park

fall foliage

fall foliage 2

This was Lisa’s second trip with me to Indianapolis and she wanted to experience fall foliage, something that is ample in Indiana. Combining her interest in seeing the leaves on the trees full of color and my wanting to go visit the town where I went to summer camp as a preteen we headed south to Nashville, Indiana (just outside of Bloomington) in beautiful Brown County. We visited Brown County State Park to see tons of trees all together.

covered bridge

covered bridge (2)

Lisa also wanted to see covered bridges which are easy to find in the country. Her internet research lead us to the covered bridges which are pictured above.

CYO camp- Rancho Framasa

Lastly we visited my summer camp, CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Camp Rancho Framasa. I had so much fun visiting the sleep away camp that brought back so many memories from my youth. I spent three amazing summers here and absolutely loved walking the grounds flashing back to great childhood memories of fun filled activities with friends.

Going back home is always nice and I particularly enjoyed this trip since I saw family, friends, and visited places from my past plus new spots down in Brown County.

(day 193)


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