It’s the Beginning of Summer!

arts and crafts

The kids and I spent our Sunday evening at the local concert in the park series. We had a blast! I heard about the concert the day before and not having plans for the evening I jumped at the idea of being outside watching live music locally with the kids. Even better the band was a Fleetwood Mac cover band! Fleetwood Mac has some great music.

face painting

We found a spot in the grass and laid out the sleeping bag. Next we headed over to the craft tables. There were lots of fun things to do!!!

Shortly after the music began. The band was great. The kids, who did not know who Fleetwood Mac is, danced around having fun. Eventually Malina left Matteo and I joining the other kids at the front of the stage dancing.

hula hoop 1

hula hoop 2


On the break between sets there was a hula hoop contest. Matteo is slowly figuring it out and Malina is a hula hoop queen. I always love to watch her in action and her brother and I stood nearby watching her do her thing.

After a few hours we headed home and it was the perfect ending to a great weekend. I look forward to the next concert in the park both in our town and neighboring town as well. I am so glad that summer is finally here!

summer concert

(day 192)


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